i’ll never understand the greediness of micheal arick the dude that has the complete copy of a star is born in their collection but refuses to share it. collector’s that keep one of a kind things to themselves just to say they have it and no one else does are the worst people.

Anonymous said:
is there any lost movies you really want to see?

ugh god yes. Mostly half of Gloria Swanson’s filmography since the majority of her silents are lost, it hurts to even type that. specifically, Madame Sans Gene(wonderful film made in France), The Great Moment, What a Widow, Zaza, the last reel of Sadie Thompson, the list is sadly endless. For non Gloria movies I really wish the owner of the complete A Star is Born would release their copy. There are a few Norma Shearer silents I have yet to see. I’d love to see more of Colleen Moore’s work. Clara Bow has a couple of films like Rough House Rosie. Bessie Love, Anita Page, this is all off the top of my head but basically all of the great silent stars have a chunk missing. I still hold out hope since things are being discovered in recent years but with un-proper care and deterioration it’s not likely :(

Anonymous said:
Hi! I was wondering do you have the link to the movie smilin through? Also if you by any chance have the link to the lady in the night that would be great!

Here is a Smilin’ Through stream and torrent for Lady of the Night.

me when thinkin’ about my favs

Smilin’ Through (1932)

saferincages said:
I came to tell you how much I like your Wizard of Oz gifset, because I adore symbolism and color meanings, and then I saw your tag: "#probably the only one who finds color meanings interesting" - not true! it was such a unique and lovely idea to make that. <3

Oh thank you! It seemed like a really random set at first that people might not like but I’m glad you did. But i agree. It’s so interesting to me why costumers and set designers choose the colors they do because there is always a reason behind them.

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